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Author: Jared Hill

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Is a Canadian writer, poet, musician, community activist and artist.  He began writing at a very young age, and has taken years to master his craft.  He began by creating a series of anthologies, created a full length romance novel, wrote a play for the Sears Drama Festival, started writing a sketch comedy show and even expanded to writing for a local satire news site known as the North Bay Bay.  Eventually, a dear friend Cameron Armstrong (R.I.P) introduced me to Frank Herbert's Dune.  The Dune series inspired him to delve into Sci-Fi, resulting into what he feels to be the Magnum Opus of his work.  Partnering with local tattoo artist Marty Lacombe, seeking to write a trilogy for Synthetic Sun, and create a novel and graphic novel that will both entertain and expand the minds of its' readers.  

Illustrator: Marty Lacombe


I am a French-Canadian artist. As far as I can remember, I have been drawing and creating. Having grown up in a tiny northern village, I only had access to an extremely limited variety of comic books. Around 12 years old, I discovered a comic book on a 7-11 rack called NightMan, which blew my mind because I never dreamed comics could be dark and so graphically violent. I was hooked and quickly discovered Spawn, which I still read to this day. However, it wasn’t until Greg Capullo started drawing it that I got an itch to draw comics. There are amazing comic book artists out there but none resonated with me, still to this day, the way his style does (Although J.Scott Campbell is a very close 2nd). He is the level I aspire to reach. Unfortunately, my stoner years rendered me very lazy and I never really honed my skills or discipline needed to make it in the industry. It wasn’t until I quit weed and discovered tattooing that sparked in me a drive to become as good as I possibly could. Fast forward 15 years to one of my clients telling me about this young local author who wrote a sci-fi novel and was looking for an illustrator. Normally, I used to brush those requests off because I focus my time and energy into my tattoo career, but for some reason, this time I said I’ll give it a chance, expecting something that will lose my interest within the first few chapters. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized I was hooked before the end of the 2nd chapter, and found my mind visualizing, conceptualizing and expanding the vast universe of Synthetic Sun. It’s now my hope to continually improve my comic book drawing skills and continue to work on this awesome project for years to come!


Excerpt from Ch. 1

The sun is setting upon them in their city within the clouds.  Below their feet are the work bays.  Beyond that are the small housing units - which are designed for the people’s drone bodies to stay after the daily Dreamscape hours are over, and the bodies had finished their work.  Whilst citizens enjoy the Dreamscape, their synthetic drone bodies are used to help the Earth reclaim itself. 


The final brunt of this work shift is currently coming to a close, but the drones carry on.  Without tiring, without complaint.  Below the floating city, where the great country of Canada once rested – in specific the city of Ottawa – the drones are re-establishing nature.  Reforestation, calculated animal breeding, and a non-apparent existence of humanity are all that remain below this floating rock.  In many cities, countries, colonies and masses of land around them, this too is happening.  Before they knew it, all traces of humanity would be wiped from the surface of the earth.  Only the cities in the sky would remain. 

Synthetic Sun, Chapter 1

Synthetic Sun: Precursor to Power

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