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Learn how we intend to move forward with Synthetic Sun

Basic Plan

Next Six Months

We intend to gain interest in both our novel and graphic novel primarily through online promotion.  The first chapters will be available FOR FREE right here on the site.  The first issue of Synthetic Sun: The Graphic Novel will be FREE in late 2021 on the site, as well.  Additional chapters, artwork, and audiobook recordings can be obtained through supporting us on Patreon.  The more interest we gain, the faster we get published.  The novel and graphic novel will be released in its entirety through the publisher.

Advanced Plan

Before We Get Published

A short story set between Synthetic Sun: Precursor to Power and Synthetic Sun Book II will be made available.  Additional insights, artwork, and expansion on the Synthetic Sun should be made available, granted circumstances with publishers.  Ideally, your help and graciousness will allow us to fully release Book I.

End Game

Publishing, Networking and Expanding the Synthetic Sun Universe

The Synthetic Sun series is set to be a trilogy, with short stories in between each novel.  All three books will have a unique Graphic Novel story line or integration.  Ideas for video games, table top role playing games, merchandising, and many other forms of media are being brainstormed and planned constantly.  It is our hope to make Synthetic Sun diverse, expandable, and enjoyable for all those interested in the series.

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