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Synthetic Sun

Precursor to Power

First Chapter in Audiobook format. PDF format offers the first three chapters FREE on our shop page!
synth sun official poster_edited.jpg

Plot Synopsis

            An indestructible tyrant.  The greatest scientific mind in the known galaxy. An Earth on the mend from human hubris. An intergalactic Empire determined to maintain peace.  A prescient youth. 


            Ion is the cyborg Leader of Earth’s largest country, Utopius.  He and his scientist brother – known as Life-Admiral Crow – have spent the past century converting humans into cyborgs, and bringing the Earth to her former glory.  Through their leadership and brilliance, Earth is revered as one of the greatest planets within the Galactic Imperium, and the concept of suffering has become little more than a memory to their citizens.


            However - despite their intentions -  there are those who believe that the duo must be stopped.  An intergalactic plot, a civil war, concepts of rebellion, and enemies seeking nothing more than glory all seek to bring a fall to the two Earth Leaders.  But how can they stop a beloved and indestructible cyborg?  And what will become of the galaxy if a young Oracle cannot prevent the destruction of everything we know?

Synthetic Sun: Precursor to Power is a novel and graphic novel written by Jared Hill and illustrated by Marty Lacombe. The story looks to explore the definition of humanity, the answer to the Fermi Paradox, the power of government and a plethora of other topics.  Inspired by the great works of Frank Herbert and other brilliant minds, Synthetic Sun hopes to both entertain its audience, and make them think about the world we live in. 

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"I wanted to make you think -

"I wrote Synthetic Sun to encourage people to think introspectively.  Why are we here? Can there be an end to corruption? What would that take? and what does it mean to be human?  This and many other questions are asked and explored throughout the book"

Jared Hill


"A Utopia cannot have flaws - 

"It must be perfection.  Ever-expanding progress and perfection.  If one wills, they should be able to grow wings and be it in a virtual world.  No real harm can exist, but the harm you wish to instill will have consequences...”

Earth Leader Ion

Synthetic Sun - Chapter I

"...I was hooked

before the end of the 2nd chapter, and found my mind visualizing, conceptualizing and expanding the vast universe of Synthetic Sun. It’s now my hope to continually improve my comic book drawing skills and continue to work on this awesome project for years to come!

Marty Lacombe


Synthetic Sun: Precursor to Power

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